The European Market for Cold Flow Improvers in Middle Distillate Fuels (2000)

The worldwide cold flow improver market for middle distillate fuels is estimated at 74,000 metric tonnes, valued at 125 million US Dollars in 1999. Europe is the largest and most technically sophisticated regional market with 36,000 metric tonnes/60 million US Dollars of cold flow improver consumption in 1999. N. America and the Far East represent about 25% and 11% of the worldwide market respectively.

The most important cold flow improver type is generally described as a middle distillate flow improver (MDFI). This additive type delivers an operability related response measured by CFPP or alternative laboratory filterability tests. Other specialist cold flow improver product types include pour point depressants (PPD), wax anti-settling additives (WASA) and cloud point depressants (CPD).

This report provides a detailed commercial assessment of the European middle distillate flow improver market by region, country sectors, applications, additive types, industry structure, customers and suppliers. The report highlights current and future industry developments and identifies business opportunities for cold flow improver technologies.

The report identifies major additive suppliers for the world and European markets and describes the principal supply channels for cold flow additives and related services in Europe. Company profiles are included for key additive manufacturers and marketers.

Middle distillate cold flow improvers will continue to be one of the most important diesel fuel additive markets. The European market will continue to be the leading edge for the oil industry middle distillate cold flow improver business and a launching pad for new technology to other worldwide markets.

DataSolveā„¢ Report No 5
Published 1 November, 2000
Price 4,000 Euros plus VAT
JD Vistas Limited
November 2000